Why move to a new home when extra space can be added to your existing home by way of a home addition. This is an exciting way of not only gaining needed space but increasing your home value as well.

Whether you are in need of an extra bedroom, larger family room, guestroom, or a kitchen filled with more sun, M and M Builders have the experience of fulfilling dreams by expanding existing homes to fit their customer’s needs.

Serving the entire Central Coats, M and M Builders handle all aspects of residential remodels and custom additions. With over 39 years’ experience, M and M Builders have the knowledge and satisfaction their customers have grown to trust.

When contacting M and M Builders, you can be sure the work provided will be top-quality with only the best materials for construction used.

M and M Builders understand the importance of a relationship between a general contractor and their customer. The customer needs trust in all aspects of the general contractor’s decisions, and throughout the many years, M and M Builders have prided themselves in the trust they built with all their many customers.