Morro Bay Professional Construction Services

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As a Central Coastal city, Morro Bay sits right on the water and offers spectacular views no matter if you live or work there. Whether you are buying or building, M and M Builders has the ability to create a customized home for you with the best in-home amenities and a magnificent view.

If you are not looking for new construction, but would prefer to remodel an older home or a home that has the perfect location you are looking for, there is nothing to worry about. Mike has worked in this area for years, and know how to make the best out of an already developed structure. Thinking about a more open living space, a bathroom that garners more light, or what about a deck or patio facing the ocean? These are all possibilities in the Morro Bay area.

Because this community has been around for some time now, the houses may be a little older and in need of an upgrade, but don’t let that deter you from this wonderful area. M and M Builders will work with you to make the remodeling changes you are looking for. Mike with M and M Builders takes pride in working with our customers in this and surrounding areas.