I hired Mike Miller as a finish carpenter to complete installation of my wood ceilings throughout my new home in Morro Bay. Not only did the ceilings turn out beautifully, but Mike was also able to become my general contractor and hire the necessary subcontractors that I needed to complete the construction. He worked well with all of the trades and was very conscientious regarding his work ethics. He was always dependable and on time every day and was invaluable in advising me on various aspects of the construction.

    I would highly recommend Mike Miller as a general contractor and finish carpenter. He pays great attention to detail and is very knowledgeable of the local companies in the area. He worked hard to complete everything as efficiently and as cost-effective as possible. I am very pleased with the outcome and have received many nice compliments on the construction. Thank you, Mike!



    I was introduced to Mike through a roofing contractor who was working on my house. My house has been in need of repair for many years. I had hired other contractors in the past which have never completed or have just left with out notice along with some of the funds. I was skeptical about hiring another general contractor. After meeting Mike at the house and discussing in great detail what needed to be done,i decided to give Mike a chance. Mike was extremely helpful and patient while working with me.

    He documented all discovery's with pictures and explanations of how and why this was happening to my structure. Then gave me options on how to correct the issues and the cost that would be involved. Always letting me absorb the information he gave me to make my final decision. I was now able to put the house on the market. I sold the house for above the market value shortly after. This would have never been possible with out the expertise of Mike Miller. I am extremely grateful for all he has done for me. Sincerely, Joni Williamson



    Mike saved my project. My Draftperson drew exterior stairs that would have cost me several thousand of dollars, putting my project way over budget. I wasn't aware until the city explained what they needed in order to issue permits. Thank God I had gave Mike a set of my plans. I explained the situation to Mike on Friday about the City's criteria,and by Saturday Mike left me a message saying that he had an alternative way to achieve the stairs and avoid the deadly costs.

    Monday Mike gave me his plan and I approved. And that's when I made the decision to hire Mike. Mike met with my Draftperson and made a few adjustments to the drawing and I was issued my building permits. Mike was there on a daily basis and completed my project. Words can not say enough. Chuck King



    My architect introduced me to Mike Miller Though I only needed Mike to assist me with my project, he agreed to lend me a helping hand. Mike completed all demolition and kept the existing structure secure while combining the new room into the existing one. This required extensive building knowledge and Mike did not disappoint. Mike completed the foundation and framing and set all doors and windows. I was thankful for all his help.

    Many other contractors I contacted were not interested. Mike was great and even referred a great roofing contractor for me as well. Thanks Again, Ron York